Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A fall down the stairs = a week off the trails

So, yes I did it.  A sign of old age I suppose.  Going down the stairs last week, in the dark.  y 9 year old had left some toys on one of the steps and WHOOSH! There I go!  At first I was concerned about my knee.  But after a day I realized it wasn't my knee that was affected, it was my BACK!  I took two days completely off to recover it and finally decided BAG IT.  I'm gonna keep running. 

However, I am taking a week off the trails and doing an easier week this week to be safe.  So what did I miss? 

Michele and Kris (the Bossy Bandit) ran Shane's Loop.  Kris dropped her pepper spray, but didn't notice.  Michele ran past it and thought, hmm some one's pepper spray.  Later Kris stopped for an urgent potty need.  at that point Michele said, "Did you see that pepper spray on the trail?"  Kris looked down at her belt and yelled, "That was mine!"  So back they go, 0.3 back to find it, which they did.  It is a GOOD thing they did because....

Next day they do a green belt run.  On the way back near mile 12 they encounter what Michele believes is the fattest cat the she has ever seen.  Nope, as they get closer, RACCOON!  It will not budge, it hisses at them and there is NO ON else around.  The Raccoon starts to walk down the path so they cautiously follow hoping it will soon exit the green belt into trees or bushes but no.  It keeps turning around and hisses at them as if to say, "Stop following me!"

They have no choice but to follow the rodent because that is the way to their car.  Finally after 5 minutes of this Kris makes a decision, "I'm gonna get closer and spray it."  Side bar here, I would have sprayed it the very first second that I saw it.  But then again I am not as tolerant to animals as others are.

So just as Kris approaches here comes some people an bikers.  "RACCOON!" Michele and Kris yell.  The biker dings his bell, and no more raccoon.  I am actually very glad that I missed this drama.   But the question is...did they miss me?

Kris informed Michele that she "thinks" she missed me this week.  Oh I can feel the love.  Apparently her new nickname is "The Chained Tiger", for reasons we will not get in to but she probably likes it better than the Bossy Bandit.  I now need to think of a good one for Michele........

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