Friday, May 16, 2014

And I ran....I ran so far away....

Problems loom, people stress you out and annoy you, health concerns pop up unexpectedly.......

But luckily I can run......Far away..... with my running buddies.

When I got home, the problems were all still there... but they did seem smaller.

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  1. Hey! I ran across your post checking through my feedly account (I added all the blogging Idaho runners I could find back over the winter) this afternoon, and realized that at least one of you is in a picture from my post on this same event. Visit if you like: . Next time I see you at a race, I'll come over and introduce myself. As it were, I thought you all looked familiar but couldn't place from where- probably because "from the internet" isn't usually where I put faces and names together. Anyhow- nice post! See you on the run sometime.