Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Run Turns PG-13 today!!

Haven't blogged our trail runs for the past couple weeks because they have been ...well.. boring honestly.  Since we are training for Race to Robie Creek, that is where our trail runs have been.  Not really much to blog about.  For instance I could have written about last weeks run being the run of silence.  We hardly said a word to each other because it was a hard run day.  But that was it.

So today, the run became a bit more interesting.  Yes, it was still another Robie Training day, but it got spiced up a notch.  Why?  Two simple words..... BOSSY BANDIT.  That's right folks, she has emerged from her secret training.

We planned the run out earlier this week (what time to leave etc.)  But then the "weatherman" started to mix things up.  I really think we should start to refer to them as weather guessers from now on.  Anyway, he had Michele so worked up about today's weather. High winds, 100% chance of rain ALL DAY!  She sent me a text last night worried about the rain.  I said "Let's chance it."  She said, "Let's decide in the morning."  Then she said that Kris (the Bossy Bandit) was not going to go because of the rain...WIMP.  I replied "She is getting soft, What a shame."

I woke up and there was NO rain, and in fact not too many clouds.  So I dressed in the dark and tiptoed out of the house (it is spring break and I wanted to let the kids all sleep in).  When I pulled up to Michele's there was Kris in the driveway, she toughened up after all!!

Immediately spice was added to our morning.  If you have never driven with or ran with the bossy bandit you are truly lacking adventure in your life!  We began before even getting into the car with the curse words!  Probably because we were making fun of her two hats she was wearing.  The entire drive was just as spicy as we then learned that she had chugged a 5 hour energy drink moments before, oh boy.

Kris told us for 20 minutes how much wiser she is than the both of us.  She informed us that she would run today at her own pace and we could not make her do anything else otherwise.  "You run on ahead without me."  Much to my dismay I had forgotten my watch which is total torture for me!  Michele laughed and said she was glad because I would run a bit slower with out it, which in turn meant she could then run slower.

When we parked at the dirt and started to get ready to run, Kris jumped out of the car and took off!  I don't even think I had my hydration belt buckled yet.  She was waving her arms like a mad woman and running away from us laughing like an evil cartoon villain.  We laughed as we finally started our run.  We caught up to her and I thought it would be funny to sprint past her.  As I did I yelled and taunted her.  She just growled, "Shut your face!"  But she said it with love.

As Michele and I ran we slowly pulled away from her, which was fine.  But then passed this creepy old white truck. As we passed it a man sat up and looked at us through the window.  CREEPY CRAWLERS!!   We wisely decided it would be "wise " for us to wait for her so that he wouldn't jump out of the truck and grab her.  It is a good thing we did because she had COMPLETELY zoned out and didn't even see the truck.  So, today we saved the Bossy Bandit's life!  You're Welcome!!!

We went all the way to the summit, Kris talking about how she wished Michele had not told me exactly what a "Jell-O shot" was.  I thought it was just a drink of liquidy Jell-O.  Michele laughed and told me what it REALLY was.  Kris was mad.  She wanted me to discover for myself.  Ten she said she could beat me down the hill.  Gotta love how she looks out for my well-being!

As we got to the summit, everyone became a walker.  The conversation turned to Winnie the Pooh of all things.  Michele was trying to match our running personality as a character.  In the end, Kris turned out being Owl, Eeyore and Rabbit.  Haha.

All in all, a good run and a perfect day!  The "weather guessers" were wrong again!  We had blue skies and sunshine.  The rain did come, when we were in the car and the drive back.  It was our DESTINY to run  today!  The Samurai Weather Gods made sure of it!

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