Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Hidden Treasure

Have you ever been doing laundry and you find a $20 bill in a pant pocket!  It is so exciting!  Hidden Treasure!  Today we ran on a hidden treasure that KRIS FOUND!!  It was wonderful!

Today's trail run changed routes about 5 times before we actually got out of the car.  We went from planning to run a 10  route that is rated as insane, strenuous, and mondo to a nice 5 mile easy run through Camel's back.  We had to have a late start and I had run a 12 miler yesterday.  See we both have an important skill needed in running trails, flexibility.

We parked at the upper camel's back parking lot and headed up #37 Owl's Roost onto #38 the Grove and past the Foothills learning center.  After climbing up Kestral to Crestline we headed left onto Red Cliffs Trail.  We had done this loop on our night time run and it was fun to do it again in the daylight!!

As we ran we decided which trails we were NOT going to run this year.  Some are not really trails, they are more like adventures.  We agreed on every decision!  Anything to avoid the mondo difficult ones!

Red cliffs trail is really cool looking at one point.  It has a unique look to it.

After Red Cliffs we headed across the road and onto Chickadee.  I had never ran it from this direction before.  We saw a lady with two silver gray dogs.  Michele thought they were Silver Labs, but the lady told her they were Great Danes, 3 months old.  As we ran by Michele told me that they "make" Silver Labs now.  I laughed.  "They MAKE them?"  I then told her that they don't make them, they BREED them!  Silly Michele.

Now is where the hidden treasure lies.  To your left as you crest chickadee is a trail called Red-winged Blackbird.  It was WONDERFUL! It had bridges, and arching tree cover, and nice leaf covered paths.  I loved it so much that I did my impression of Kris ad ran with my arms flailing yelling, "I LOVE THIS TRAIL!"  I wish it was a 5 mile long path, but alas it is short!  Definitely a do again!
Doesn't it look wonderful??
BUT, despite the beauty of this Hidden Treasure I did have 2 hard lessons learned.

#1)  Do NOT eat a protein bar 30 minutes before a run.  Ugh, my stomach was not happy with me at all!
#2) When your sister/running buddy says to you, "Hey these New Trail Shoes gave me a blister.  Do you want them?" Do NOT take them.  Because when YOU run in them they will then give YOU a blister too!

And so now I have a horrible stomach ache and a blister.

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