Friday, November 2, 2012

Whoever said running isn't educational???

Today we tried out a new route.  We are so close to finishing our goal of running all the trails!!  We ran in the Oregon Trail Reserve.  You can view the map of it at this link: Oregon Trail Reserve.

There were three basic trails in here to follow:

#101 Basalt Trail

1.75 miles
Basalt Trail provides loop opportunities for users of the Oregon Trail Reserve and great views of the basalt cliff the reserve is perched on.

#102 Rim Trail

The Rim Trail provides a pedestrian-only experience, overlooking the Boise River valley. Users will discover the historic Kelton Ramp located on the southeast end of the trail. Trail also features numerous interpretive signs and three interpretive overlooks.

#103 Oregon Trail

1.12 miles
Trail parallels historic Oregon Trail through the Oregon Trail Reserve. Ruts from the historic Oregon Trail are visible from the trail.
It was a short run for us but that is JUST what we both needed.  I have been sick and Michele has been vacationing, so neither of us has been putting in any quality miles lately.
The run was neat because of the history that was associated with it. 
We stopped quite a few times to read the signs and take pictures.  It is just amazing to imagine those pioneers forging the way across this terrain!

And the view on the lookout...spectacular!

You will notice that there are no pictures of us this time.  Well, we are neither spectacular to look at nor educational!  In fact I think we are dumber from this run despite it's history because f all the power lines that we had to run under.  Michele said they would cause permanent damage and shorten our life span.  We actually held our breath when we ran under the first one.  Not sure what that did to help us.  Then at one point I was asking for direction and said Left?  Michele called out,"Left. Right." 

So, I just went left.
We also got lost (ish) twice and had to do back track because we would end up leaving the trail system.  But, we had a great run. Like we usually do!

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