Friday, February 15, 2013

Back on trails....FINALLY!!

After it being too cold, too crazy, too muddy and a number of other reasons.....we finally got back on the trails today!  As I was driving to Michele's I realized why I like them so much....

1) No pace goal
2) No distance goal
3)  No music
4)  Slow pace, easy going, social time

It is just completely therapeutic!!  Especially with all of the intense marathon training I have been doing!  Found this great quote last week that basically sums it all up.....

"No Excuses! Get up! Get out! Run! There will come a day when I can no longer run.... Today is not that day" - Lisa Tamati (ultra marathoner)

We ran the Seaman's Gulch trails today, looped around a couple times to get it close to a 5-miler.  When we first got out of the car and had a bathroom stop, I bent down to lace my shoes tighter.  Oh boy, here comes a dog!  "Get out the pepper spray."  I told Michele.  Then I hear a voice saying "he's friendly."  And a man walker appears (the source of the voice).  The dog sniffs around me, which I do NOT like.  Shoe tied I stand up.  This "friendly" dog then starts barking and sorta growling at me!  What in the world!!  The owner calls him away from me as the dog is still barking at me.  "Sorry, he's really friendly, he just doesn't like black clothes or sunglasses."  Great so apparently I need to run in pastel colors and without eye protection on sunny days to be safe now!

Side bar:  I don't know why he made to comment about sunglasses because I actually wasn't wearing any.

We were hoping the trails would still be frozen and dry.  The temp was 27 degrees so we were pretty confident they would be good.

It's too bad that some people are disrespectful of staying off the trails when they are muddy.  It makes it become "ankle breaking" for others.

But for us the trails were frozen and really nice except for the few spots where they were abused like this picture.

There wasn't a lot to take a picture of today,  So here is our view of the dump!

Great day to run with my best running partner!!  My only dislike about Seaman's... a lot of dog owners use this area.  Me and dogs are not BFF's.

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  1. I run with my dog most of the time, but she's on a lease if people are anywhere near. Once, on a bicycle ride out in the Owyhees, my husband and I were surrounded by a pack of 8 dogs traveling with their owner on horseback. He said something similar, while the dogs circled and considered eating us for dinner. He seemed irritated with me for crying....