Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall is in the air....

Today we decided to be adventurous and try a new loop.  We were so excited.  When we are about to try a new trail run we get as excited as little kids on Christmas Eve!  So the plan was this:

Drive up 8th street to the motorcycle parking lot
Catch Corrals Trail Head
Run Corrals until reach Scot's Trail
Take Scot's Trail all the way back to 8th street
Hang a left and go up 8th street to the Interpretative Trail Head
Run down Interpretive
Take the right that leads you back up to the motorcycle parking lot

I only detail this so much because you have GOT to try this loop.  We LOVED IT!!  7.5 ish miles.

We did walk a bunch of Scot's because it is insanely steep.  But it was worth it once we hit downhill on Interpretive.  I am going to refer to Interpretive Trail as #0 because it is taking too much concentration to keep spelling it!

As we did head up Scot's the sun was so bright you could NOT see where you were going.  Here is what it looked like.

Now try to imagine a skinny one track trail with rocks and how hard it was to not fall.

When we got down into #0 the sun was no longer a factor.  as we ran along enjoying the fall colors we someone got onto the discussion of how the first Olympic games was done completely in the nude.  I then told Michele that I thought the definition of gymnast was like naked dancing or something.  Now you have to understand when we talk on the trail runs we are really yelling so that we can hear each other.  During this naked and nudity discussion, we didn't realize that there was a couple walking their dogs right in front of us waiting for us to pass.  WHOOPS!  At least we gave them something to talk about for the next hour or so....

This trail run is best described in photos....

Beautiful Fall Colors

Michele in her Prisoner Clothes

The best sight ever, the END of Scot's

This sign had us REALLY confused.  At this point we agreed two runner's brains equals one normal brain.

Fall colors, fun trail!
A runner's best friend.

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