Monday, November 25, 2013

3 Trail runs in 6 days....LIFE IS GOOD!

After a drought of trails, we have really stepped it up a notch!  Today was our third trail run in just 6 days.  Only one word can describe that....RAD!  Not only that...we are planning our upcoming black Friday run and upgrading it to EPIC!!
See how happy I am!!

Why are we running so may trails and upping our miles?  See this shoe charm?  We are training for ultras now!!!  WooHOO!!

Michele has decided to upgrade her water pack to match me..

Today we parked at Seaman's Gulch and ran the public trail to the canal ditch.  Then we ran the ditch to Veteran's Cemetery.  It was a really chilly and frosty morning.  But luckily also very sunny.

Michele could not get her watch to recognize satellite. When we got to the road the led to Veteran's she made me STOP.  So she could fix it.

IT was 1.75 mils to the Veteran's parking lot.  Then we ran the usual loop and headed back.  We wanted the run to be no less than 8.  So when we re-entered Seaman's we did a little bit extra.  Final mileage.  8.0 exactly.  Good day.

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