Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ho Ho Ho Run!!

The trails dried up and froze just enough for us to get one last run on them in 2014!!  Time for our Christmas run.  Last year we ran the entire run with the Santa Headbands on!  This year they were used only for one quick pic when we got out of the car!

It's also a tradition to wear our Santa socks.  Kris REALLY wanted to make hers show!  She went through ALOT to have them clean for today's run.  Yesterday one of her grandkids threw them in the toilet.  She was up ALL night getting them clean.  She was EXTRA angry at Michele for not wearing hers!

The run was great! Just over 12 miles.  We were very slow, but enjoyed ourselves.  We added decorations to the trail Christmas tree.

As always the views are spectacular.....

And the conversation is lively and loud!  We still can't agree on  WHO gets the longer walk break!



  1. You are my hero! Would you like to be a guest blogger for me? I need someone on January 22. Give me a holler if you are interested!

    Happy Running!

  2. That looks like a blast. Great pictures!