Monday, December 22, 2014

2nd Annual Poker Run

Today was our 2nd annual Poker run.  Here is a brief description:

Throughout the year we had to declare 3 runs that we would run each week.
It had to vary every week.
For every run you missed you had to add a quarter to the "jar"

Today we ran 7 miles.  At each mile we drew a card.  The best 5 card hand would win the jar of coins and a cool medal.
Ready to run!

We decided to run the Rocky Canyon Road due to all of the days of rain that we have been having.  We started 15 minutes late because Michele had to turn around and go home for her rain jacket when Kris declared that she could seen rain clouds over the foot hills. (note: it did not rain one drop on us).

The water in the creek was higher than we had EVER seen!

The run off from the side trails convinced us that we took the right route.

Michele and Kris both spotted a dollar bill on the run.
 They both fought over who saw it first.  It went into the Runopoly jar for the winner.

At the end of the run the last card was drawn.  Lucky Lucky guess who won!

We exchanged Christmas gifts in the car, had a baby sprite, and salted pretzel cookies.  I have the best running friends ever!!!

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