Friday, November 28, 2014

Run the Highway, Up the Yuck, Down the Side and through the Reds....... WHAT?

We spend it running on trails not through stores!

As you run trails with your friends, you tend to give trails your own name.  It can be because of an event that happened there, or simply a way that helps you remember.  Our run today is a perfect example.   Our run today could be described as follows:

From the upper parking lot, run the Highway, instead of going to the lunch box we'll go up the Yuck, a nice easy run down the Side and finish through the Reds, leaving out Chickadee this time.

To anyone else it sounds like jibberish..... but to us..... perfect clarity!

Another run we love is near Veterans.  Some of those trails include; the hill Kris almost died on, Crow Corner and the Forgotten Switch backs,

The only problem we run into is when we find ourselves having to explain a trail to someone else.  It is tough to explain to someone how to get to suicide hill when you forget it's real name.  But usually we can remember.

That is one of the great things about running.  You can be literally in your own world, naming all the trails and turns however you want to!

Our run today started with a bet as to how many cars would be in the parking lot.  Michele won with the guess of 3 cars, 2 dogs.  Amazing that she got that right!  Then she chanted "3 cars - 2 dogs"  for like 10 minutes! Here she is thinking it is funny and Kris thinking it is annoying!

Here we are about to go "up the YUCK!"  It is a really steep motorcycle trail.

A portion of "The Yuck".

Kris running "through the Red".

Michele walking through the Red and announcing that she was not tired....she was DANGEROUS!

It was a great day out there on the trails today, so warm for the end of November!  We all wished we had warn shorts!!  As the run ended Michele was swaying from one side of the trail to another, she was mumbling about how everything we said didn't make sense and that she MUST have a fever!  As I write this I think she is most likely drugged up on cold medicine.  But the good news is a trail run will make your cold last half as long.  Just ask Dr. Ryals!

**P.S.  I was told not to include that Kris peed almost immediately after she got out of the car, causing us to all scream!**

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