Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mini Me's longest run!

Today I took my daughter on her first greenbelt run.  She has announced that running in the roads in our town is BORING!!  To keep this girl moving I am having to mix things up a lot!  So the Eagle Greenbelt was our destination today.

She is still not a fan of waking up early!
We decided to run an out and back.  I wanted her to get 7 miles today, her longest run yet. Running the greenbelt is fun and distracting at the same time.  It is beautiful and has a lot of natural sounds.

Running through tunnels of trees!

Water fountains

There was a cool family of ducks but they took off before I could snap a picture!

This was the biggest bridge she dared go over.  There are some very large ones that go over the main river but "I have a fear of going over big bridges and water!!"

So many pretty flowers!  Too many to take photos of.

Legitimate lily pads!!  These are the real things folks!  This was the highlight of her run!

We took quite a long break at these Lily Pads.  She was so excited!

I really enjoyed running with my little buddy today.  We had a great time and she handled the mileage quite easily.  We took walk breaks and had some stops to enjoy nature!  She was still all smiles at the end!

Here she is proudly holding up the watch showing the record of her longest run to date! 7.18 miles
She may be tiny.... but she sure is MIGHTY!!