Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stranger Than Fiction

A very bizarre fire was recently fought and extinguished in the Foothills where I like to run.  The cause of this fire is so strange it seems to ridiculous to be true.  Yet it is true!  Here is the clip from the headline in the local papers:

A cyclist stops to poop, ends up starting wildfire

No joke!  This is copied and pasted straight from USA Today's website!  This really happened.  What he did was try to burn his toilet paper when he was finished and....... well what else would you expect when you strike a match in dry, dead grass?

So, a few days after the fire Michele and I ran in the area to check out the damage.  It was pretty bad.
So for Heaven's sake!  We all nee to "go" sometimes when we are out there on the trails.  But what ever you do, don't strike a match!!!

Photo from the News

We started off so early!  There were zero cars in the parking lot!

Burnt Hills in the distance

The trails were torn up pretty badly in order to get the fire crews in.

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