Friday, February 24, 2012

Wisdom and Sprite

Today's run was not as eventful and hilarious as they sometimes can be.  Because Michele and I both got in to Robie (applause) we decided to run it to train today.  We started at the Fort Boise Parking lot.  We of course had a head wind.  A pretty substantial head wind.  Running uphill, with a headwind is tiring.  I could tell as much when we both turned up our music and didn't converse as much as usual.

The great thing was we actually saw other runners today!  8 was our exact count!This was a first for us!  Michele said it was because now that registration has taken place people will start seriously training.  I think it is because no one else is stupid dedicated enough to run Robie year round like we do, just to do it.

Coming up was tough and Michele and I were both thinking we could use a walk break.  But then a pair of runners started coming towards us.  "Well we can't walk NOW," I said, "we'd look dumb."  Then after they were gone before we could agree it was time to walk, along came another pair.  Haha, no walk break for you!

At mile 5 our wisdom start to emerge and we both became so wise it is almost nauseating,  We agreed that since we were going to be running 17 miles in 4 days, it wouldn't be the smartest thing to run 16 today.  So we turned and headed back.  For the next few minutes we shared why we thought it was such a good idea!  I think we were rationalizing it so we didn't feel like we wimped out!

Happily our head wind was now a tail wind.  Too many times we seem to get a head wind both directions. I don't know how it happens, but it does!  Our run was so enjoyable today!  We did the descent at a nice 9:30 pace.  We were enjoying ourselves so much that the wisdom and answers just started flowing out of us!  We figured out teenage and young adult stress.  We mastered the ability to be a good wife and mother and still do things for yourself.  We were really in the groove.  But when Michele started to delve into NEXT year's New Year's Resolution I had to stop her, that was TOO much.  Our wisdom and knowledge does have it's limits.

It was the 10 that felt like 5 or 6!  That's always a great day!

Afterwards we had a mini chilled sprite waiting for us (something we indulge in after long hard runs).  A few sips in Michele said, I don't feel like I earned this today.  I had to remind her that we earned it on the 5 mile head wind climb.  Then she took another drink!

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