Monday, April 30, 2012

New Accesories!!

So..Robie is in the rear view mirror now, and I am still bitter but must move on.  Because there was no medal of achievement for surviving the uphill climb of FIRE! Michele and I made our own with our anklet she had made and the FABULOUS bottle opener that they handed you as you stumbled incoherently across the finish line.

And that's how you turn LEMONS into LEMONADE!

If you have been following our blog, you may recall when Michele got us these way cool Trail bracelets to commemorate our goal of running all 152 trails in the Boise Ridge to Rivers system.  They were a lovely green-trailish color.  Well mine kept slipping off.  Every time I'd take off a sweatshirt or shirt, ZING!  It would fly off.  Twice I had my kids dig through the laundry chute to find it.  Then one tragic day it was chilly and I ran in layers.  I was in the boonies of my home town running alone.  I was warming up and decided to shed my outer layer.  ZING! There it went, except I didn't know it flew off.  Not until later that day did I notice that it was gone.  I was NOT about to go search 9 miles of desert to try and locate it either.  So I did what any good running partner would do, after confessing, I bought us new ones!

I got to choose a new color too!  After all this ROBIE training the second toe on my left foot is currently purple and in the stages of falling off. Perfect! PURPLE it is!

So what's next for us?  Happily we can say so long to Rocky canyon and start running on the REAL trails!  We do still have some races though.  I am running the Great Potato full marathon in May.  Michele has gracefully WIMPED OUT and is running the half.  Not only is she a long run snob, she has now added Trail Running Snob to her title.  She said she "Cannot run a full marathon on PAVEMENT!"

After that we will enjoy our summer hitting the trails and losing ourselves in the beauty of the foothills!  Our next scheduled race will be the Mesa Falls Marathon in August.  So far Michele says she will do the full with me.  We cut off our Robie anklet and Michele made our new one.  The really colorful one is the Great Potato that she made awhile back.  Our new one is the blue-greenish-yellow one.  Mesa Falls will be more dirt and trails.  So hopefully the Long Run -Trail Run Snob will join me!

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  1. You are so good to me. So nice and so thoughtful. Why would anyone what anything more in a sister? Don't forget- I'm not the one calculating to the seconds on whether Kris or I will catch you in the marathon :)
    I'm not worried about me and Mesa.... after all it's a trail...... sigh