Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aaah Trails....It's good to be back!

Now that Robie is OVER! we can stop training on that cursed road!  It was so great to get off the roads and hit the trails again.  It has been WAY too long!

Since there was so much rain yesterday we were forced to do the Gulch and Camel's Back.  We knew it was least likely to be muddy and of course, we were right.  (Actually it was Michele who said this but I will claim the wisdom as well)  It was such a fantastic run!  Our route was one we have done before...

Red Fox to Chickadee (I cannot stand the gravel portion of Red Fox) then on to Lower Hulls Gulch.  The creek was so full and everything was super green it was so beautiful to run through today!

When we got to the bridge that you cross to get onto Crestline, Michele dipped her jacket sleeves into the water to mop off her face.  She had been complaining about sweating so much.  (we were a tad over dressed)  "It's running down my back!" was one familiar holler that I heard from behind me.  We were quite warm but it was not even close to dragging yourself uphill through a furnace like a race we all know about!

 We hit Crestline and had a wonderful downhill descent onto Kestrel, then Owl's Roost and finally the Grove.  There is just something about Trail Running that makes everything great in the world!  Ah!

However, there were quite a few ornery people on the trails today.  Usually runners are so friendly.  They pass with a wave, a "Good Morning" or at least a smile.  For what ever reason we got snubbed by several runners when we waved or said Good Morning.  Perhaps Michele was pulling mean faces behind me as I greeted Passer-bys, maybe I really stunk from sweating so much today, or I guess there were just grumpy people running today.  Whatever the reason, those downers did not taint our run!  We loved every single minute of it!

On the drive home I even got to rip off my shoe to show Michele my new running trophy.  The purple rotten toenail that will be coming off any day now.  Oh yes, we are officially Trail runners when that happens.

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  1. My sister is fickle. After just ONE welcome back trail run she is now talking about the 50K Frenzy this October. The funny thing is... I mentioned this to her about a month ago and she vetoed it. Hmmmm...... she must be getting smarter before she shouts "I'm in" hee hee, since she is always in, the new trick is to make her think it was her idea :) Remember I may be older but still wiser.