Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Robie is over. Marathon is over.No  Now time for some enjoyable days on the trails!  The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop has the coolest monthly contest this summer.  It's called the FKT (Fastest known time or FUNNEST known time).  Today we ran the May FKT course for a Funnest time.  My son and one of his friends came with us.  If they knew where to go they would have definitely had the fastest time.  But instead they joined in our fun!

The loop is GREAT!  Drive up Rocky Canyon Road and park at the 5-mile Trail Head.

This trail was inclined but so beautiful!  We crossed like 4 or five creeks and everything was so green!  I almost fell off the trail because I was admiring the scenery so much!  After a little over the first mile the trail forks..ignore this!!  Stay to the left and go onto Watchman (trail #3).  I forgot to take a picture of the marker.  Now you get to climb some switchbacks!  The vistas are breathtaking up here!  There are also sunflowers blooming like crazy!






As you drop down from Watchman, the trail briefly connects with Femrite's (#6).. This used to be called Curlew Connector.  It's a multi-use trail.  We had a guy on a motorcycle stop and wait for use.  Weird to see that on a trail.  Here is where Speedy Hunter was sitting on a fence waiting for us.  He was a ll casual and looking rested.  Ah what it must be like to be 16 and faster than the wind with no body fat!

It the fence where Hunter was sitting you fork left again.  This gets you on to Three Bears (#26).  Now this portion of Three Bears was quite pleasant, probably because we were going the opposite way aka DOWNHILL!

As we headed down Three Bears I could see Hunter and Josh quite a bit in front of us.  They stopped at the trail sign, read it, then went straight.  I had told them to turn left.  I started yelling for them to STOP! TURN AROUND! WRONG WAY! etc.  I turned along the ridge and lost sight of them briefly.  Suddenly there were two women coming up the trail giving me a very strange look.  "Sorry, my son is going the wrong way."  I said with a smile.  The woman laughed and said, "Well he went that way and he is FAST!"  When I curved back around and could see them again they weren't turning back.  I started yelling Hunter's name louder. But then the trail dipped down and I couldn't see them again.  I got to the trail fork and looked up at Michele who was a bit behind me.  "Are they turning around?"  I yelled.  Michele's reply?  "Yes, that's where we turn."   So, I yelled again, " Are the turning around and coming back?"  She laughed, "Oh...yep."

Hunter and his buddy Josh did an extra quarter mile or so.  Michele and I got a nice water break while waiting for them.  If they hadn't heard me and turned back....what a mess that would have been!  But luckily they did!

From here we head LEFT to the Rocky Canyon Road again.  It is very steep here with loose rocks.  When Hunter said he felt like he was running like Forrest Gump as he descended.  Michele announced she needed new trail shoes.  I skipped funny down it. Josh said nothing.  We hope he wants to run with us again!

The run turned out to be a nice easy 6 miles.  This is DEFINITELY a trail we would do again.  The Bossy Bandit was upset when she heard how wonderful it was...well...she should have gotten out of bed this morning then.

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