Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A bad day on the trails is better than a good day on the road!

Well a week off of running for the both of us.  Michele and I were both out of town with no running.  So here we are back in town, exhausted ready to run trails! I dragged my speedy son Hunter along with us again.  He is half-way converted to the trails though sometimes he still thinks we are crazy!

We decided to run in Dry Creek area and get those trails marked off of our list.  This is up in Hidden Springs.  There are a couple problems with running up here.  First off, the trails aren't marked as well as other R2R trails.  Some have no trail heads at all!  And secondly, they are not maintained.  It is difficult to run single track trails.  It is even harder when those trails of nearly covered by long weeds and long hanging tree branches.

We promised Hunter it would be 6 miler.  He agreed to come.  At 3.75 Michele told him it was only 2.5 miles to go. Then at 6 she said we had about a mile and a half left!  "WHAT?" He yelled.  "About 2 miles ago you said we had 2.5 left!  What are you doing?"

We climbed this INTENSE hill!  Hunter was killing it!  Michele and I yelled out and reminded him there was no shame in walking.  "Yes there is!" He yelled.  Needless to say he had a good 10 minute wait for us at the top of the hill.

Whenever we run, Michele's watch always says she has ran further than me, it is annoying.  Today, mine and Hunter's watches were nearly the same and Michele's was almost a tenth or more further.  She finally explained why, "You see, my watch shows I've gone farther because it knows I am working harder than you guys."  Yah, right!

I had a hard time today for another reason.  Yesterday I had a cavity filled. No big deal right?  Oh but for some reason this time was a big deal.  My cheek is still swollen and terribly sore!  Whenever we ran down a hill my cheeks would shake and it hurt like CRAZY!  Note to all runners, do not have a cavity filled the day before a long trail run!

We did some back tracking, out and backs and such to get in the mileage today.  It was so confusing I cannot remember exactly which trails we did and in which order (though I am sure wise Michele does).  We did park on Dry Creek Road at the trail #71 parking lot.  That much I remember. Then we did Current Creek # 75 and Lookout Loop #72.  Somewhere in there we ran a neat trail that wasn't marked too. It was good running, warm out, and still green.  As far as the trail goes, this one does not make it in to my top 10. But always remember...A bad day on the trails, is better than a good day on the road!

Also, the camera on my phone broke, so we have no pictures today!  I will get Michele to take some next time!

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  1. We ran: (some more than once)
    #71- Red Tail
    #72- Look Out Loop
    #75- Current Creek
    Cartwright Road
    Access Trail back to #71

    We looked at #74- :) does that count?