Monday, December 23, 2013

First Annual Poker Run

Here is the a 7 mile trail run.  At every mile, draw a card.  The runner with the best 5 card poker hand at the end...WINS!!  Sounds fun couldn't wait.  Unfortunately our dearest running buddy Kris is under the weather and couldn't join us.  We decided to draw her cards for her and text her each time to keep her in the game.  So ready to go!!!

 We put our Yak Trax in our packs, not sure if we wold need them or not.  We started at the Seaman's Parking lot and headed towards the public trail that leads to Veteran's.  At exaclty 0.09 miles in tothe run we had to stop and put our Yak's on.

Our legs felt very heavy. What was going on?  We were feeling like we were in such great shape for our upcoming 20 mile Wilson Creek Race.  Today was a humble stick slapped across our face.  We dragged the first mile!  At mile one we drew our first card.  What did I draw for Kris?

 HAHA how fitting!  We put it away and drew a new one.  Then we trudged along.  Our legs didn't feel normal until probably mile 4.  They were just so heavy and our calves BURNED!!  Each time we stopped to draw a card, we would text a picture to Kris.  She would text and telll me from where on the pile to draw, then she would say I was a cheater, etc.

We finally hit the downhill section of Veteran's and felt some relief in our legs.  I began to feel a weirdness in my foot fall.  It felt as if I was running on a spring, like I was inspector gadget or something.

I suddenly realized what it was.  Darn it!! My Yak Trax broke. Luckily I carry a small leatherman in my pack.  Just a few minutes and it was ready to go!

As we headed up the last hill we had an eerie sight!  Four big black crows on the trail.  Three quickly flew away but on ehung around. He sat on the fence for quite a while.

It was a bit creepy at first.  Then when we got home I googled what it might mean.

"It is said that if you see just one crow it is considered to be unlucky. If you see two black crows it is said to be good luck. If you see three black crows it is said to mean health. If you see four black crows it is said to mean wealth. "

Hey alright!  I could use some wealth!!

We finished by running a total of 7.3 miles.  Our legs were so tired from running in the soft uneven snow.  Our poker hands ended up like this:




Michele technically won but she said since she was the "game-master"  she couldn't be the winner.  So, YAY I am the winner!!!

After I had to prove to Kris that I did not cheat, it was time for the gift exchange.  We all are so much alike!!  We ALL bought calendars for each other! Too funny!

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