Monday, December 16, 2013

Who knew running JUNK YARD could be so fun!

So since Michele has jumped on the "Let's run Ultra's" train with me, we have been upping our trail mileage.  This run was planned out to be 10-13 miles.  It has been REALLY cold lately here.  Last run we had my hydration pack froze and I couldn't drink.  After gathering advice from other seasoned Ultra runners I got two very great tips....
#1... put the mouth piece and tube in your shirt
#2...blow the water back into the pouch after you drink

With our great advice ready we headed off!

It was a snowy day so we wore our YakTrax, a definite must for winter trail running!  We parked at the Seaman's Trail head and ran the outer loop clockwise.  Then we headed down the canal bank which leads to the trails by Drycreek Cemetery.  I LOVE to run!  So I made a note for everyone to see!

As we ran through Veteran's we decided to drop into the Velodrom.  Didn't think there would be too many bicyclists to contend with and we were right!  It was a great system to run in !  We got onto a trail called Junkyard.  LOVED IT!!  This rail was so awesome!!

Who knew something referring to trash could be so enjoyable...but it was!  We had such a great run today!  We ended up with 12.5 miles and both felt great.  I must say though, all this awesome trail running does make running on the roads worse and worse.  If I could I would trail run EVERYDAY!  But the gas money would bankrupt me.

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  1. Great pictures, and good job on the miles.

    That whole tip about blowing the water back, changed my running when I heard that a few years ago. It seems so simple, but I had never heard it before and kept having that dumb tube freeze!