Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kris' birthday trail runner (without Kris)

Birthday's are celebrated by people in a variety of ways.  Some go out to dinner feasts, others have large parties, a few may simply chose to ignore it all together. We recognize our birthdays in true runners fashion......  A TRAIL RUN!

So, this April it was Kris' birthday!  Time to celebrate.  She picked the day, she picked the trail, she took off work, and then she cancelled on us! WHAT?!?!  As a runner, what would you do?  Well, probably exactly what we did.....

Does that make us bad friends?  No, we were running in honor of her birthday, that makes us the most extreme dedicated friends anyone could ever hope for.  Lesser friends would have forgotten the planned run and moved on.  No, we ran.

The plan was to park up high on 8th street, run Corrals to Scot's then cut across the road and come down the interpretive trail.  We haven't had a chance to run this trial in the spring to see all of the waterfalls and scenery so we were very excited.  The trail did NOT disappoint.  The views were amazing.

This looks like a giant rock hand emerging from the hillside!!

We had a great time and texted Kris all of the pictures to let her know what a great Birthday run it was!  She is lucky to have such great friends!

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