Saturday, April 19, 2014

Running makes me HAPPY!

There are very few things in this world that you can truly count on.  There are the ones that we all list; God and family.  But some days even that seems tested.  I have come to realize that RUNNING is something that I can always count on.  I get up and I start my run and I know that I will then finish that run.  Contrast that with the laundry that will NEVER be finished, the house that will NEVER stay clean, or the weeds which are NEVER gone.  Running also doesn't talk back, hold a grudge, or get jealous.  It is always just simply; my run-my way.

Over the past year I have had some amazingly trying experiences.  Before it all happened, would I have signed up to experience them? NO WAY!!!  I would have never signed up to have a giant tumor grow inside of me and then have major surgery to get it removed followed by long days of recovering.  I would have passed on the piles of medical bills that stress my poor husband out every time he checks the mail box.

However, I am glad it did happen.  I have received a new outlook on life and of course on my running.  Now I will admit,  I do still push myself and try to PR when I can, but there is something else new in my running outlook.  I think a lot of that came when I switched to Ultra running.  There is a more calming, welcoming atmosphere in this genre of racing.

Now don't get me wrong, I still set my goals way too high, run around in circles when my sister is in the porta john to try and get extra mileage, and never finish a run on an odd mileage amount; but I am much more laid back.  If I feel tired, I walk.  If I hurt, I stop.  If I wake up feeling run down, I ignore the alarm and take a day off.

Ironically, this new me has been logging in twice as many miles per month as I was pre surgery.  I feel better and I'm happier.  Running has given me a lot.

My sister recently has had a neighbor start to continually nag her about how unhealthy running is and bad for her body.  She is nearing her last nerve with this person.  If I ever meet them I will simply say, "When the surgeon removed the 8 pound tumor from my body, he told me that running saved my life.  So because of running I am alive to hear YOU insist that running is bad for me."

Last week we had a fabulous run through the trails.  So much beautiful scenery.  A great day.  Yes running makes me happy!!  If you aren't happy... start running!!

These rocks look like a giant hand coming out of the hillside!



  1. "There is a more calming, welcoming atmosphere in this genre of racing." So absolutely true! I was thinking about this on my long run today. I'd say this morning but it was 5;5 hours long!! Such a beautiful thing. I look forward to following your blog. I hope your cancer? Is all under control and wish you well. Truly an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Beth! I love that you identify your run by time not miles. Isn't that how we tend to think. 5 miles on a run beats 15 minutes of most other things! Thank you or asking....I am Cancer free! Happily my tumor was benign. The blog about the ordeal is here

  2. Great post! Running naysayers drive me nuts. They have heard of someone that "ruined their knees" and think nobody should run. What were those knees like in the first place?
    Happy Running!

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