Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I have a friend who falls!

My running buddy Kris is a faller.  Now, we are not just talking about a yearly thing, or even a monthly thing, we are talking about....she falls quite often.  Today her and Michele went on a run by their house.  I get the following text message.....

"Well, we are walking.  Kris just fell. BIG TIME!"

Now, I did send the "Is she ok" text message BEFORE the LOL message.  But, I couldn't help laughing because, Kris always falls!

So I decided to do some research as to why some runners fall.  This is what I learned:

1.  Face it, some people are just not as agile as others.
2.   Aging can contribute to changes in your vision, thus       increasing your risk of meeting the ground up close.
3.  Lack of concentration.  If while running we are busy      yelling at our running buddies (or even those buddies      who are not there) we lose focus on the terrain and        SPLAT!
4.  Some runners do not lift their feet off the ground high      enough which often causes them to trip over                  "nothing".
5.  Running faster than your legs can handle.  This can        almost guarantee a 'yard-sale' on the trail!
6.  Cocky-ness.  Often times runner's feel that they are         invincible and will mouth off to running partners of        their greatness.  This is when gravity becomes the          great equalizer.
7.  Balance.  As we age so does our balance.  Practice      standing on one leg several times a day to improve        your balance before heading out for that run!
8.  Your imagination can cause you to fall as well.  It can be very dangerous.  Never imagine that you are running on "pillows'.  That will assuredly result in a face to face meeting with some dirt!
9.  Kharma - it happens to most of us (never me).  You see someone fall and laugh at them.  The result?  A painful chest bump with a trail post!!

Be safe out there runners!  And don't FALL!!

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