Friday, July 4, 2014

We run in such a beautiful land!!

To celebrate the Fourth of July, we always begin the day with an early morning trail run.  It is nice to be outdoors in God's beauty.  For the past few years we have had a tradition of doing the same loop each fourth of July (Shane's Loop and Buck Tail).  Today we decided to try something different.

We started at the Upper Corral's trail-head.  The plan was to run an out and back.  Less than a half mile on Corral's we came upon the new trail that had just been finished this spring... Highlands.  Immediately we headed right to try it out.  SO glad we did!  It was a wonderful single track, downhill, full of switchbacks.  I LOVED this trail!!

It brought us out to a parking lot where we were able to jump onto Bob's Trail and head back up to Corrals.  Well we did have to stop for pictures first....of course!

There are some really rocky parts on Bob's.  Michele hoped we could avoid any "Kris"-tastrophe's!  She was laughing so hard that she could not pronounce it correctly.

We really had a great time, 8.6 miles.  Love where I live!!

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