Thursday, January 26, 2012

In search of the BOSSY BANDIT!

Have you seen this runner??  Last year the "Bossy Bandit" trained and ran several races with us.  Since then she has not been seen!  We believe she may be training "secretly".  Don't let this smile fool you, she is no joke.  The "bossy Bandit" has been known to:

*   Mock you as you run up a large hill
*   Run into posts along the green belt
*  Remind you that you are stupid
*  Flash race volunteers
*  Trip spontaneously during races
*  Make you stop running at odd times to take a picture
*  Come up with terrible ideas then laugh at you when you do it
*  Make fun of all of your "aha" moments, like realizing the downhill always goes by faster
*  Use sports legs and patches like they are free!!

We know she's out there.  She is either training in secret so as to beat us in the next race...or we have driven her insane and she no longer dares run (running with us can do that to you).  Whatever the case may on the look out for the BOSSY BANDIT and let us know if you spot her out there on the trails!
And beware....I was not joking when I said she flashes people!!

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