Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Les Bois 10K Training

So since we have decided to run the Les Bois 10K again this year, it was inevitable that we had to train for it.  Did I mention how much I hate this race?  Well, It's more of a LOVE Hate relationship. 

I HATE the pavement portion of this run.  From the gun it starts an uphill incline IMMEDIATELY!  Then when you feel like you are warmed up and doing OK, BAM! Instant incline increase!  The uphill to the turn around point is gruelling!  To make it worse there was a GIGANTIC yellow smiley face looming at the top of the foothills.  It was mocking us!

Today my goal was to just run it without stopping.  Reminding myself that it is possible.  At the turn around I stopped.  My calves were screaming on fire!  Michele was almost limping, her legs were blazing!!  It is a really tough run to do at a quick pace.  The Mountain Cove Trail  wasn't too wet, but was very rutted in spots.  We had to be careful to watch our footing. 

The run down is actually enjoyable.  On race day we will blast down it, but today was leisure pace down.  I think  mentioned at least three times how much I hated this run!  But we did have some funny memories of our experience when we ran the race last year.....

Michele had the unfortunate luck to be paced by a screamer.  Ever come across one of those?  She would yell "WooHoo" as loud as she could periodically and be otherwise very vocal.  Michele was going close to bonkers when finally, the downhill came and Michele was able to say "see ya"!

On my way down I came upon a man with very long hair, running in cut off jeans and a white tank top.  He decided to not let me pass him and instead joined my pace.  We ran together for a while.  I was really pushing the pace because I HATE this race and wanted it to be over.  He was chatting away about everything and anything.  I was dieing and could not respond in kind to any of his random thoughts with any thing more than a "uh huh" or "ya".  I subconsciously was increasing my pace, trying to shake him (okay maybe I was consciously doing it).  Finally, I looked down at my watch and saw we were clipping along at a  7:20 minute mile. I gasped out loud and said "I can't keep up this pace."  My legs were jelly.  But then , my new hippie friend became my cheerleader and encouraged me.  A few seconds later I smiled and said "see ya!"

So we reminisced as we ran back down to the Fort Boise Parking lot.  A short trail run today, but a very tough one.  Here comes the LOVE part of the run.  We LOVE to trail run, we LOVE the feeling a few minutes after the tough run is over.  The endorphins kick in and as we walk to the car I kept saying "That was a GREAT run!"  This from the same girl who was secretly cursing her sister for doing this race every year.

One last note.  We never did pass the smiley face.  It wasn't until we were driving home that we realized that.  Michele in her great wisdom said, "Well, I know it was up there somewhere, because we BOTH saw it."

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