Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Michele speaks....

Back from Hawaii!!! Refreshed...almost to the point of lazy  :)
  Goals this year are a bit smarter than my younger sister.

1.  Run and survive Les Bois 10K (I hate that hill!)
2.  Run and watch Jodi "die" on Robie Creek while Kris and I laugh.
3.  Yes run 2 marathons.
4.  Run all the Ridge to River trails - how could I miss that!!
5.  Watch Jodi try to squeeze all her needed 1212 miles into the last week of the year.
6.  Take an enjoyable run and eat Mexican food while Jodi tries not to puke at the end of the High Speed Pursuit (ha ha)
Once again....older and wiser


  1. Oh my Jodi! Ms. Michelle better put her money where her mouth is! The Jodi I know is a pretty tough cookie - she makes you sound like quite the whimp. Must be the competative side of her trying to psyc you out. :) (I know she's just kidding - but there is a little bit of truth in everything we say!) KICK HER BUTT JODI! I'll be your personal cheerleader - I even have the pom-poms!!!

  2. Hmmmm obviously "kick her butt??" ha ha if she only knew