Friday, December 30, 2011


That Aloha comes from Michele...not me.  That is the reason there is no trail run this week.  The older and wiser sister decided she needed to spend a week in Hawaii to recover and gear up for the new year of running!  So that leaves me, suffering from a terrible head cold, sitting home with rainy weather and going insane due to lack of running!

Some exciting news to brag about!  I achieved a major running milestone for the year.  I set the goal to log in 1,000 miles on my Garmin this year.  I can proudly say that after today's rainy, stuffy head, coughing miserable run I have the grand total of...........1004.5 miles for the year 2011.

Michele suggested that next years goal should be to run 2012 miles.  Is she kidding.  Does anyone else who reads this question the fact that she is really wiser?  After I guffawed at that we thought perhaps 1,212 miles would be a good goal.  That would be fitting for the year 2012.  So folks, the New Year running goals are set!

1. Run and PR in Les Bois 10K
2. Run and survive Robie Creek Half
3. Run two marathons; Great Potato and Mesa Falls
4. Run all 152 trails in ridge to rivers trail system
5. Log in 1,212 miles for the year
6. Run High Speed Pursuit Half Marathon in under  1:54:00

Wish me luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oh...Michele's goals?  I guess we will have to wait until Her wiseness gets back from Hawaii! 



  1. Knowing you Jodi, you will accomplish all your goals! Congrats on the miles you ran...that's amazing!!

  2. Back from Hawaii !!!
    Refreshed... almost to the point of lazy :) Goals this year are a bit smarter than my younger sister-
    1. Run and survive Les Boise 10k (I hate that hill!!)
    2. Run and watch Jodi "die" on Robie Creek while Kris and I laugh
    3. Yes- run 2 marathons
    4. Run all Ridge to Rivers trails- how could I miss out on that!!!
    5. Watch Jodi try to squeeze all her final needed 1212 miles into the last week of the year
    6. Take a enjoyable run in the desert and eat mexican food while Jodi tries not to puke at the end of High Speed Pursuit(ha ha)

    Once again... older and wiser