Monday, August 12, 2013


Today was an easy trail run.  Michele had just recently gotten back from running the Dublin Rock and Roll Half- Marathon (yes in Ireland) and I had just returned from a week long family vacation.  So we were both tired form vacationing.

Before I write about the trail run.... WooHoo to Michele and her race!!

 She said it was interesting to be around SO MANY people!!!  I definitely do not like crowds like this!

We planned a Saturday Trail Run and headed to Camel's Back.  That's a nice easy trail run for when you haven't been at it for a while.  Like usual, the first 1.5 miles is a killer!

 Michele ran in her new race shirt which is a super neon and nice looking. 

Red cliffs are blocked by Michele's thumb!!

Today was a unique run because we saw something we have NEVER seen before on the trails.....

First I stopped and took a great picture of it.
Then I put my phone away and went to grab it. 
Michele started to yell at me to knock it off!  She said it was upset and to leave it alone.
I catch snakes at my house all the time.

"I can easily grab it," I said.
"I know, but don't!"  Michele exclaimed as the snake slithered away.

As we resumed our run I said, "You know I was going to grab it and then chase you with it." 
"I know you were!"  Michele yelled.  "Why do think I was yelling at you to leave it alone!"

In retrospect, I should have grabbed it.

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