Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's...Kickin It Old School!!

Michele and I have been trail running together for just about 2 years.  When we first started, we knew nothing! The only runs we knew of were, Mtn Cove (because of the Les Bois 10K) and Rocky Canyon Rd (because of the Race to Robie Creek).  The most used and well known trail was Camel's Back and Hull's Gulch as a loop.  We would park at the Camel's Back parking lot, run up Hull's Gulch, then back down into Camels Back on what many refer to as the "highway".  We knew nothing else so this is what we did.  Eventually we learned that it was EASIER if we went the other direction.

Then we slowly fell in love with the trails, bought the Ridge To Rivers Trail Map and last year successfully ran EVER SINGLE trail in the 152 miles system!  That is in fact what started this blog.  It is cool to see how far we have come!  We used to get lost, write trail head numbers on sticky notes or on our hands so we knew where we were going.  Now we know, and we just go!

So, we thought it would be fun to go back to the start and run our old loop.  We rarely do this loop anymore because honestly there are so many better ones out there!

It's amazing that is is the first day of April and we are already in Capris and short sleeves for our runs!  We were really warm too by the end!  We had both run a really hard run on Saturday, me 18 and 16 for Michele. Our legs were really tired after only one recovery day.  Michele was also feeling under the weather, like she may be coming down with something.  SO, we took it slow and just enjoyed ourselves.  We did have a great time too.  It was very Nostalgic.  Sometimes you just need those types of runs.

This is the "W" sign when it is time to walk!

Beautiful day to run!!

The Grove

Secret Bathroom

Fast Cory Jump

Water was really flowing today

Michele is sick

We refer to this part of Hull's as "little Zion"

It was all in all a good run.  We ran slow and easy and had a good time.  I swear at "little Zion" I did about 10 Fast Cory jumps before Michele figured out my camera.  It's a miracle that no one happened to pass by to look at us strangely.  The best part of running Lower Hulls was because of all the warm weather the stream is starting to run.  We had a beautiful nature musical to accompany us as we ran!

So this run wasn't funny or filled with new discoveries.  It was a very reflective run to see how far we have come as runners, and how much further we want to go!!

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