Monday, January 20, 2014

A "belated" review of 2013

I meant to write about 2013, I really did.  And then everyone I am related to seemed to get sick, and it was the holidays, and then I just plain forgot!  So here it is... late is always better than never!

Let's say goodbye to 

To review here were my goals for 2013:
1. Break 1:54 in a half marathon
2. Break 4 hours in the Great Potato Marathon
3. Run 1,300 miles in honor of the year 2013
4.  Complete 12 months, 12 trails, 3 sole sisters monthly themed running plan

Michele's goals were:
1. Run 1013 miles
2. Run the high speed pursuit in under 2:15
3. Complete 12 months, 12 trails, 3 sole sisters monthly themed running plan
4. Beat her high speed time at another half marathon later in the fall

So........ How did we do? Well, I must sadly say only met the first goal.  I proudly ran the High Speed Pursuit (on a bum knee) with a time of 1:47:31.  It was AWESOME!  Michele did great that day too finishing in 2:05:35 destroying her goal!!  That was on April 6th.  Then It all went downhill from there.  Had my goal been to get an 8 pound tumor and have major surgery.... then I would have made THAT goal!  Michele ended up meeting most of her goals except for the 12 months, 12 trails, 3 sole sisters theme.  Blame that one on the tumor as well!    She ran a total of 1013.36 miles for the year and although she did not PR in her fall half marathon by time, she did get FIRST in her age group at Valley of Fire.  My mileage for the year 2013 ended up being 1,200.65 miles.  It was under my goal but not too bad considering I could not run (or walk) for 5 weeks!

So to sum it all up, my goals were an epic FAIL!  But that is what is so great about running, you make NEW GOALS!!

So.... I am ready for 2014!!

Here are our running goals for 2014.

1. Log in 1,400 miles
2. Have a 40 mile week once a month
3. Run 40 miles on my 40th B-day
4. Complete a marathon in under 4 hours
5. Complete 4 Ultra Marathons

(My year is the year of 4!  All of my goals have the number four associated with them.  Hope 4 is a good number for me!!)

1. Log in 1,114 miles
2. Run a winter half-marathon in under 2:10
3. Complete two 50K's
4. Lift weights twice a week

Notice not one of our goals says "Get a tumor!"  Hmmm, now that I think of it, maybe I should have one of my goals be do NOT get a tumor!

We have been signing up and planning which races to do.

Here is to a great year!!

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