Saturday, January 25, 2014

Losing the use of my hands!

The title of this blog may not be what you think.  I need to explain.

Today is Saturday.  We were supposed to do our long trail run on Wednesday.  However my youngest daughter got very sick and by Wednesday was getting worse.  We postponed the run to be Friday instead. Thursday night i got a grand total of 3 HOURS of sleep.  That's right 3 hours and they were NOT even in a row!  So a long trail on Friday was also a no-go for me.  Michele was so nice to adjust her running schedule AGAIN, and we planned for Saturday morning.  The goal was 14 miles.

The inversion came rolling back in pretty good, so the temps were very cold.  When it's cold out and the sun isn't shining and the air is full of moisture it feels even colder!  I wore my new Brooks gloves to keep my hand warm. Nothing is worse than cold hands when you are running....nothing!

Our plan was a loop that we have really grown to enjoy a lot; Clockwise loop through Seaman's and down the Public trail to the road, run to Veteran's, main Veteran's loop, drop into the bike trail, run Junk Yard, D's Chaos and back out the same way to Seaman's.  With the inversion hanging around there was still some icy artwork to enjoy.

We really felt good and had a great time.  Not used to running on Saturday's there was quite a few more people than we are used to seeing.  For the most part they were all friendly.  The trails were in GREAT shape today!  And we saw a friend... Kim!  She is an awesome tri-athlete!  I am so impressed by people who can swim!

The strangest thing to see today?  A couch.  A fake leather greenish coach.  Someone had hauled it all the way out ad sat it in the middle of the junkyard loop. Not sure why... but there it was.

So...what is the deal with me losing the use of my hands?  They were cold!  Even with my HIGH TECH double layered $40 gloves on!  The cold inversion just froze them.  Towards the ends of our run I could not get them to work correctly.  I lost all dexterity in them!  When I would try to do anything I felt like I could not control my fingers at all.  The kicker came when I wanted to take a picture of us near the end of our run.  Everything I tried to push the button on my phone to take the pic, I would drop my phone.  Luckily I caught it each time. I had absolutely no control of my hands. It took me holding the phone and Michele pushing the button to get a photo of us. WORTH IT!

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  1. That couch is funny! Your assignment: go run there again and take a picture sitting on that couch.