Thursday, December 13, 2012


On our run Tuesday, Michele and I decided to mess with Kris a bit.  She runs later in the early evening after work.  We were running the same trail that morning that she was going to run later.  So we took some dead pieces of Sage brush branches and constructed the letter K".

We then texted her this picture and told her to find it when she went running.  We also talked about telling her we ran it in like 35 minutes to really try to goad her into a competitive FRENZY!  (We ran it in 41) You see, we are not mean really, Kris is just REALLY fun to irritate!  And since she's been bragging about her amazing trail running skills lately, we seriously considered it.  But in the end we did not. So, just sent the picture clue and told her to find it.
 Here is a picture of Michele pointing to where we placed the clue.

But Kris did NOT find it!  No surprise!
Aren't we great friends?

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