Friday, December 28, 2012

New year, New Goals, New Crazy Ideas!!

It's time to look back at our past running goals for 2012.  Here are Michele's thought:

"It's always fun to re-read the blogs and look over last years goals :)Out of Jodi's 6 goals she completed 4.(See the Aloha 2011 post) Although I do not think she mentally survived Robie Creek. I completed 4 of the 6 also -haha. We did complete all the trails which was so much fun and Jodi did meet her 1212 miles goal with only a couple of days to spare. 
So once again I am off to Hawaii to recharge, even though I've been pretty lazy the last month. I've given some thought to my next years goals. I usually have one or two for Jodi also. I will wait for her to post hers before adding mine to her "list"."

What she fails to mention is that the reason I only completed 4 out of 6 of my goals is we chose not to run 2 races that were specific to my goal.  Can't meet the goal if you don't run the race!  

Here we are almost exactly one year ago!!!

I was so sick in November and December that I was concerned about not making my 1212 miles goal.  But I DID! barely.
Here is a re-cap of our goals.....

1. Run and PR in Les Bois 10K (SKIPPED THIS RACE)
2. Run and survive Robie Creek Half 
3. Run two marathons; Great Potato and Mesa Falls
4. Run all 152 trails in ridge to rivers trail system
5. Log in 1,212 miles for the year (I am going to end up with just over 1,220)
6. Run High Speed Pursuit Half Marathon in under  1:54:00 (SKIPPED THIS RACE)

1. Run and survive Les Boise 10k (I hate that hill!!)  (SKIPPED THIS RACE)
2. Run and watch Jodi "die" on Robie Creek while Kris and I laugh (FYI-I DIDN'T DIE!!)
3. Yes- run 2 marathons
4. Run all Ridge to Rivers trails- how could I miss out on that!!!
5. Watch Jodi try to squeeze all her final needed 1212 miles into the last week of the year
6. Take a enjoyable run in the desert and eat mexican food while Jodi tries not to puke at the end of High Speed Pursuit(ha ha)  (SKIPPED THIS RACE)

I was pondering about goals for 2013.  Michele gave me lots of ideas! Some were outrageous, some silly.  So I decided on the following.

1. Break 4 hours in the Great Potato Marathon
2. Break 1:54:00 in a half marathon
3. Run 1300 miles in honor of the year '13
4. Complete 12 months, 12 trails, 3 sole sisters plan (details coming soon)

I think this a manageable list.  The toughest is for sure going to be the marathon goal (gulp). But I HAVE been training with a really good runner for this and am very hopeful!

Here's to 2013!!

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