Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Something Stinks.....

Today we ran in the Veteran's Cemetery area.  This time we did not get lost in the Cemetery!  The gates were opened and we were able to park at the trail head. Once again we were sporting new running digs that we got for "Christmas".  We looked pretty good out there!

As we started I noticed, something stinks.  I have smelled this smell before on other runs.  It smells like a decomposing road kill or rotting garbage or something. "Maybe it is skunk weed," I told Michele.  "Yep, that probably stinks, hence it's name..skunk weed."  But alas, neither of us knew what skunk weed looked like.  (Yes, we actually do not know EVERYTHING...not yet)

So, I decided to go home and read up on skunk Weed, if it even existed.

I found the following definition: tall herb of the Rocky Mountains having sticky leaves and an offensive smell.  Well, the offensive smell part fits!  Here are some images I found:

Now it seems to actually be a type of Marijuana.  Ha ha, I do NOT think that is what we were smelling!

Then I found an interesting article.....
Suddenly the wind shifts, and a stench floods his nostrils. The smell, a combination of spoiled eggs, dirty laundry and day-old roadkill, washes over him.

YES! This is the smell!!  When I scrolled down for an image to see what it looked like....

OK I KNOW we did NOT see this out there!  So.. the mystery smell will just have to remain that..a mystery.  It couldn't be us I'm smelling..... Could it?

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