Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hot Chocolate 5K

So, I have never ran a serious 5K race.  But my new trainer, Kyle,  said I should work on short distance speed in order to improve my marathon speed and make my goal of under 4 hours.  So, I reluctantly signed up.  My son signed up too, 5K's are his specialty.  Kyle set a goal for me to finish on 22:30.  2 months ago that seemed maybe doable, but then!!  Sickness has hit our home hard in November and December.  I have had a cough for 3 weeks!  My training has decreased tremendously!  My son also hasn't felt well and has not been training at all!

I had already paid to run the The Hot Chocolate Run, so I HAD to do it.  But I talked to Kyle and let him know that I was changing the goal time.  I would be happy with any number under 24 minutes.

He told me to just go and enjoy the race.  If I felt good, I was to push it, if not just enjoy it.  Very wise advice.
Race morning.  It was a balmy 18 degrees outside.  Hunter didn't want to get out of the car.  He kept grumbling about why races are held so early in the morning.

I was number 320 and Hunter was number 319.  I joked and suggested that we switch numbers so I would have a better time attached to my number!  He did not agree.

It was so cold that my face went numb.  We had to keep jumping up and down to keep the feeling in our toes!  My husband surprised us and showed up at the starting line! That's how we got some great pictures!

You can see how cold I am!!
Hunter stretching

Ready to start!!

Hunter is wearing the yellow Brooks
The gun fired and we took off!!  I actually start up near the front.  Hunter was gone instantly.  After about .1 miles I realized that I was going too fast!  So, I very wisely backed off. I have learned the HARD way about taking off too quickly! 
 After I hit the first mile, I felt good and started to pick up my pace.  I had decided to not look at my watch at all!  I needed to just run off how I felt and not check my times! Suddenly, I began to pass all of those people who had passed me earlier.  Haha! My wisdom paid off!
The run was an out and back so it wasn't long before Hunter passed me on his way back.  He was in third place!!  Wow!
 At mile 2 I felt REALLY good.  I had not looked at my watch once!  Ths it it! I slowly started picking up my pace.  I could see some of the leaders but couldn't see many women.  How good was I doing???
 I sprinted to the finish!
 As I crossed a man held out a bag to me and said, "Congratulations!  You are the third female finisher!" I was stunned!  How was my time, I looked at my watch for the first time that day and was so shocked!!!!  21:41!! Are you kidding me!!!  I also got first place in my age group!

I found Hunter, or rather he found me.  After congratulating me he announced, "I got 2nd place overall mom." Wow! What an amazing kid.  With no training his time was an 18:18! Our family really rocked it today!
We got cool shirts, a neat-o mug and both of us received prize bags!  Definitely a fun and productive morning!!!

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